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Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret

The Work of Medical Museums

PhD Research Project

Cornelia (Nina) Thompson

UCL, Institute of Archaeology

Through working with research partners, this project aims to better understand audience engagement in medical museums.​

  • What draws visitors to these kinds of museums?

  • What makes medical museums unique as heritage institutions?

  • How do visitors engage with objects and narratives presented in medical museums?

  • How do or how can medical museums contribute to wellbeing?

View a recent Project Summary for more information and preliminary findings 


If you are a museum professional or other expert who would like to contribute to this project, please click here or email me at

About Me

 This project grew out of my experience working in museums, Heritage Studies MA research, and my experience visiting medical museums to help process and understand my own illness. I aim to highlight the significance of these spaces and understand what they mean for other people. 

I am a third year PhD Student in Heritage Studies at UCL in the Institute of Archaeology. You can read more about my project and background on the IoA website here

If you are looking for the Anaesthesia Heritage Centre Visitor Survey, click here.

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